The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) was established by the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007, with responsibilities for implementing the National Identity Management System; managing the National Identity Database; issuing General Multi-purpose (smart) Cards (GMPCs); and providing Identity Verification Services in Nigeria.
This recruitment exercise is part of the human resource restructuring by the NIMC and targeted towards the proposed formal launch of the scheme in 2013, as well as to achieve its mandate of providing a functional National Identity Management System for Nigeria. NIMC would, therefore, like to recruit the best available talents to fill several positions within the Commission.

1              NIMC001             Customer Loyalty
2              NIMC002             Lead Conversion and sales
3              NIMC003             Marketing and Lead Generation
4              NIMC004             Head Business Development
5              NIMC005             Head, Commercial Services
6              NIMC006             Head, Customer Relations Management
7              NIMC007             Customer Relations
8              NIMC008             Lead Conversion and sales
9              NIMC009             Marketing and Lead Generation
10           NIMC010             Head Corporate Audit
11           NIMC011             Head, Investigations and Special Audit
12           NIMC012             Head, Risk Assessment and Compliance Audit
13           NIMC013             Internal Communications
14           NIMC014             Public Relations
15           NIMC015             Non-Capital Items Procurement Services
16           NIMC016             Security Management Services
17           NIMC017             Head, Facilities Management Services
18           NIMC018             Facilities Management Services
19           NIMC019             Outsource Management Services
20           NIMC020             Special Assistant
21           NIMC021             Technical Assistant
22           NIMC022             Head, Financial Services
23           NIMC023             Head, Treasury Service
24           NIMC024             Partnership Support Billing & Collections
25           NIMC025             Cash Management
26           NIMC026             Head, Stores Management
27           NIMC027             Treasury Accountant I Banking
28           NIMC028             Budgeting & Budgetary Control
29           NIMC029             Head, Partnership and Support
30           NIMC030             Investment
31           NIMC031             Treasury Service
32           NIMC032             Medical Doctor
33           NIMC033             Head Performance Management
34           NIMC034             Head, Training Development
35           NIMC035             HR Manager, Recruitment Services
36           NIMC036             Head, HC Planning Employee Dev. &Perf Mgt
37           NIMC037             Head, Human Resource Administration
38           NIMC038             Nurse
39           NIMC039             Head Information Tech Security Services
40           NIMC040             Head, Identity Database Administration
41           NIMC041             Head, Technical Support Services
42           NIMC042             CA ADMINISTRATOR/REGISTRATOR
43           NIMC043             Card Administration/Card Life Circle Manager
44           NIMC044             Card Application/Solution Manager
45           NIMC045             Card Issuance/Card Personalization Manager
46           NIMC046             Card Payment Platform Manager
47           NIMC047             Data Center Facility & Power Syst. (ABUJA)
48           NIMC048             Information Security Analyst (Manager
49           NIMC049             Installation& Maintenance
50           NIMC050             Registration Authority/CA Operator/Revocation Agent
51           NIMC051             Head, Physical Security
52           NIMC052             PKI Manager
53           NIMC053             Head, Inspectorate, Regulatory & Compliance
54           NIMC054             Regulatory
55           NIMC055             Head Inspectorate
56           NIMC056             Head Regulatory
57           NIMC057             Head, Enforcement and Compliance
58           NIMC058             Head Board Secretariat
59           NIMC059             Head International Bilateral Relations
60           NIMC060             Head Litigations                LEGAL SERVICES
61           NIMC061             Legal Drafting & Commercial Transactions
62           NIMC062             Head, Local Govt Offices (LG)
63           NIMC063             Enrolment & Registration Monitoring Officer(LG)
64           NIMC064             Office Admin (LG)
65           NIMC065             Head, General Public Customer Care
66           NIMC066             State Coordination
67           NIMC067             Head of Unit, Customer Care
68           NIMC068             Head of Section, State Coordination
69           NIMC069             Customer Care Corporate Customers
70           NIMC070             Organization Strategy & WorkPlans
71           NIMC071             Team Lead Corporate Strategy
72           NIMC072             Team Lead Research & Dev
73           NIMC073             Team lead, Knowledge Management
74           NIMC074             Manager Customer Care (Manager)
75           NIMC075             Customer Care Officers (Officer)
76           NIMC076             Enrolment & Registration Officer (Officer)
77           NIMC077             Local Government Coordination (Officer)
78           NIMC078             Head State Office (PM)                STATE OFFICE
79           NIMC079             Local Government Coordination (SM)
80           NIMC080             Admin./HR Officer (Snr. Officer)
81           NIMC081             Enrolment & Registration Officer (Snr Officer)
82           NIMC082             Local Government Coordination (Snr Officer)

Applicants should: 

  • read all the instructions
  • go through the list of available positions as well as their requirements
  • go to the application page

The application form is structured into three sections: Bio-data Information, Educational Information, and Work History.

After completing the Bio-data section, the system will automatically issue an Application Reference Number (ARN). You are advised to copy out the ARN, which is your pass code for logging in to the portal and accessing your application information at a later date after submission, while applications are still being accepted. When you complete your application, you will be presented with an option of printing an Acknowledgement Slip. Print out the acknowledgement slip for future reference. Your application detail will also be sent to the email you provided while filling the application.

Finally, if you encounter any challenges while completing the online application, contact the Help Desk on the numbers and email addresses provided at the Help Centre below.

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